Think your apartment is too small to worry about its design?  I randomly asked a few colleagues before writing this article and everyone said pretty much the same thing-

When you dwell in a small home, you should focus more on its functionality than its design.

But that’s a misconception.

Why wouldn’t you decorate your small and sweet apartment? Decorating a small apartment is as important as maintaining it because

  • A. The aesthetics will go up the roof (and you’ll love it) and
  • B. Everyone will adore the way your apartment feels.

A small space, of course, means less space to fit stuff into and if you are looking for ideas to liven up your small Adobe, check out these simple tricks that are bound to help you in a big way-


Use Dual Purpose Furniture

Use dual purpose furniture:

One of your considerations should be whether or not you really want a bed. If I were you, I might consider investing a high-quality sofa bed. A more reasonable sofa bed is this very popular one called the Twilight sofa. You can purchase it from Adorn India. It easily transitions from sofa to bed, which makes for a lot less hassle when you’ve got to do this at least once a day!


Create the Illusion of Space:


Depending on whether extra storage is also needed in certain areas of your space, one way to create the illusion of extra space is to choose furniture that can be seen through–whether because it is made of glass or acrylic or because you can see underneath the surface and/or through its legs. Such furniture takes up less visual space, creating a look that’s lighter in visual weight. As mentioned by others, mirrors (or anything mirrored) can also create the illusion of more space in a room. If you are looking for a wooden dining table, you can purchase a four seater dining table here. Or, if you are looking for glass dining table set, it can be purchased at Royal Oak.


Hang Photos and Artwork:


Having visually interesting walls will maximize your decor without taking up any previous square footage. We would suggest printing out your favorite photos and put them in matching frames. Then you can hang them in a grid on your wall. An alternative, hanging one very large piece of artwork can actually make your home feel bigger when placed on the right wall as it draws the eyes attention, which visually elongates the room. Few brilliant pieces can be bought from Inephos. These are not only budget friendly but add a touch of exclusivity to your interior design.

If you want to try out something new for your house then have a look at these exclusive contemporary wall art.


Hang mirror on the wall:


If you hang a mirror in any of your small rooms, then it will create an illusion and make the room look bigger. Therefore, buy a big rectangle mirror and place in on a blank wall of your small apartment. You can also place a mirror opposite to a window so that it can reflect the daylight and make the room look naturally illuminated.

You can buy Venetian Mirrors here. And if you wish to go pocket-friendly yet bring out the oomph factor of your living space, have a look at the Wall1dersAcrylic 3D Hexagon Mirror.



Buy plants:


Green plants can make your small apartment look very fresh. So, what you can do is either place a potted plant on one corner of a room. And if you lack floor space, then hang it near your windows. Plants bring out the freshness and add length to your space. Home Design for small apartments can be tricky, but when done with details in mind, it becomes an enjoying process.

You can purchase self-hanging plants from Livewell Green.